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First photographers of Warsaw. Beyer, Brandel, Fajans

16.04.2015 - 18.10.2015
We invite you to take a walk around the 19th century Warsaw immortalized in photographs of three precursors of Polish photography: Karol Beyer, Maksymilian Fajans and Konrad Brandel.
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Spiritual dimensions

16.05.2015 - 19.07.2015
Different facets of present-day spirituality in the photographs of Mateusz Baj, Mirosława Gmaj, Alicja Ignaciuk, Monika Krzyszkowska, Jakub Ochnio, Katarzyna Pawlica and Tadeusz Żaczek. We get the chance to have an insight into customs and rituals practiced by followers of various religions in Poland: Catholics, Orthodox Christians, Jews, Muslims and Old Believers.
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Wave after wave. Everyday life on board of the Polish Navy ships during World War II

26.05.2015 - 19.07.2015
The exhibition depicts  everyday life on the Polish Navy ships in the times of the global conflict: warship crews at work, everyday activities and free time.
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Tatra Atlantis

19.06.2015 - 30.08.2015
A photographic story about Podhale region that has changed irreversibly along with industrial progress and mass tourism. The exhibition is open to public in the open-air gallery of the History Meeting House at Rev. Jan Twardowski Square
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