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Raoul Wallenberg. I could not have done otherwise.

19.04.2016 - 16.05.2016
The exposition, jointly organized by the Swedish Institute and the Forum of Living History, brings back the figure of the Swedish businessman and diplomat who at the end of World War II saved tens of thousands of Hungarian Jews from their deportation to the German extermination camps.Venue: Grzybowski Square
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From insecurity into insecurity: war refugees in Vilnius in the years of World War II (1939-1940)

07.04.2016 - 15.05.2016
The exhibition presents several dozen photographs taken by artist photographers Edmund and Bolesława Zdanowski, the owners of a photo lab in Vilnius, apprentices, and later partners, of a famous Vilnius artist photographer – Jan Bułhak. 
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Now I am here. Or rather, perhaps, nowhere. Photos by Stanisław Cat-Mackiewicz

We present selected photographs form the archives of writer and publicist Stanisław Cat-Mackiewicz taken in England over the period from spring 1945 to his return to the Polish People’s Republic in 1956.
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New Start. Warsaw 1945-1955

20.02.2016 - 13.06.2016
At the exhibition we present photographs of Warsaw of the first post-war decade courtesy of the archives of the Polish Press Agency (PAP). The authors are the most prominent Polish photojournalists. We present pictures never before available to the public as well as those that have already become the Warsaw icons. 
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