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Exhibition calendar

John Vachon. Three Times in Poland

16.05.2014 - 19.10.2014
The exhibition presents the selection of photographs taken by John Vachon, a photographer who paid three visits to Poland (in 1946, 1956 and 1963) and took pictures of the country and its people.
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(Non)continuity. Portugal of the 20th century from the fall of the monarchy to the Carnation Revolution

26.04.2014 - 31.08.2014
At the exhibition we present photographs documenting the history of Portugal in the 20th century – from the overthrow of the monarchy and establishment of the republic in 1910, through the birth of the authoritarian system – the so called New State under the leadership of Antonio Salazara in 1933 – colonial wars in the years 1931-64, to the Carnation Revolution in 1974, which restored a democratic system in Portugal.
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