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A Warsaw Frenzy. An exhibition of photographs by Irena Jarosińska11.04.2012 - 01.07.2012

Irena Jarosińska was one of post-war Poland’s first women press photographers.  The exhibition presents her work from the 1950s and 1960s. The photographs are, on the one hand, a personal view of post-war Warsaw and, on the other, a unique selection of images capturing the atmosphere of the artistic avant-garde of the time, of which photography was an integral part. To date unpublished, these photographs show the frenetic atmosphere of the intellectual and cultural Warsaw of that period.  

Organisers: Ośrodek KARTA, DSH

Selected photographs from the exhibition "A Warsaw Frenzy"

	Marian Bogusz (1920-1980) – painter, organiser of cultural events, co-founder (with, among others, Zbigniew Dłubak) of the Group 55 artistic movement, and director of the Krzywe Koło Gallery. Warsaw, the 1960s.
	Photographs from a photo-report accompanying an article entitled ‘Logic’ written by Sławomir Mrożek and published in edition no. 12 of the weekly journal ‘Polska’.
	View of the Old Town, in the background is the Cathedral of St. Jan during its reconstruction. Warsaw, first half of the 1950s.
	Sławomir Mrożek. Photo: Irena Jarosińska / Ośrodek KARTA
	Performance of 'Herrings, herrings' in the theatre on Tarczyńska Street. On stage are Miron Białoszewski and Lech Emfazy Stefański. 1954-1958. Photo: Irena Jarosińska / Ośrodek KARTA
	New Town Market Square, in the background is the Sakramentki Sisters’ Church of St. Kazimierz. Warsaw, the 1950s. Photo: Irena Jarosińska / Ośrodek KARTA
Designed by: Kotbury
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